Justin Bumann is an experienced marketing and advertising business leader working as a managing partner with a North Dakota direct response traditional and online marketing firm. In his position with the company he focuses toward operational marketing, consisting of technology implementation, strategic planning and analytical reporting, with these media types; print, radio, television, and Internet marketing. As managing partner, Justin Bumann closely monitors the development of leads and management systems for clients. These advanced systems help streamline and automate the data processes, allowing clients to make real time, impactful business decisions as they pertain to applied marketing techniques.

He also oversees matters of strategic media planning, analyzing a variety of media channels to ensure that client services are optimized to meet specific client goals. Television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and Internet represent just a few of the media channels that can aid clients as they develop and expand their marketing strategies.

Justin Bumann studied Computer Information Systems and Business Administration at Bismarck, North Dakota’s University of Mary. He received bachelor’s degrees in both fields, graduating with Cum Laude honors.